It really doesn’t matter.

Because you can’t.

No matter the magnitude of pain and regret, life doesn’t give any do-overs. Too bad, because most of us wonder at one time or another where we’d be in life had we turned left where we decided to turn right instead.

We can’t re-live yesterday. All we have is today.

Today we are the culmination of everything which has happened to us thus far. The good, the bad, the choices, the opportunities we’ve made the most of and the ones we wish we had. Our past is our greatest teacher if we choose to see it that way. If we are receptive to the lessons it has taught us it can guide and empower us to make today the first day of the life we know we were created to lead.

Thank your yesterdays.

But it’s time to focus on today.

It’s a great day to be you!

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