“He’ll get what’s coming to him someday.”

I overheard this in a conversation at a store today. Apparently this person was rather upset with another person, but at the same time she seemed to take some comfort in her gleeful anticipation of his impending demise.

In the world of Karma, what goes around comes around. And this person just couldn’t wait for Karma to settle the score. As if Karma was some sort of big brother thug with a baseball bat about to smash the headlights out of this guy’s pickup truck.

Karma is a force in this world for sure. It’s a magnetic energy of attraction with a “give and you shall receive” tattoo on it’s bicep. I, like many people, believe in karmic energy. But for some Karma is a means to an end. It’s a way to get stuff from the Universe. An “I give, I get” strategy. Like a boomerang, there is an expectation of something coming back.

Is Karma supposed to be used like that?

Karma has a good friend named Grace. Grace has a different expectation. Nothing. Grace is a one-way street of unconditional love. No terms and conditions to apply. She loves without judgment. Without expecting anything back in return. Just like throwing a stick. Grace is acknowledging the God within others which we can only do when we first acknowledge the God within ourselves.

WISDOM WHISPERING Grace isn’t always easy for me. It requires a higher version of me which at times is difficult for me to find. But when that version of me is present I am transformed by a confident tranquility. I am able to look beyond the bitterness and disappointment of an imperfect moment and reframe it within a context of love.

I like the higher version of me.

When Grace whispers in my ear she reminds me of the higher purpose of love. To give. Without condition.

The noise of the world often drowns out the voice of Grace. When we are busy keeping score or plotting our revenge we fail to hear her wisdom. But Grace is always there, always whispering, always reminding us that in any given situation we can call upon our higher self and respond to the challenges we face with the divine love that radiates from within us all.

Listen. Deeply.

It’s a great day to be you!

photo: Johan Vandenberg

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