We all love to see a sign from God.

But perhaps you may have overlooked the most obvious sign of all.


So often our search for peace, love, and happiness leads us on a journey away from ourselves. We look for the favorable circumstances which will allow us to be happy. We look for a soul mate to complete us. We seek the spiritual in the material, coming up disappointed every time. In the process we pray God will send us some sort of reassuring sign of hope and guidance leading us to that place of peace we all long for. But in our impatience and frustration we often fail to see we already possess what it is we are looking for.

BURDEN OF PROOF Your very life is all the evidence you need. It is the ultimate sign from God. Each of us is an expression of our Creator, each purposely intended and created to bring God’s vision for us to life, worthy to share in the infinite abundance of His universe.

Worthiness. I’ve struggled with my own worthiness issues. Somehow I had accepted the premise that God created two classifications of people and I was on the team preordained to watch the other fulfill their divine destiny. What changed my view of how I fit in the world was shifting the burden of proof away from God and on to me. Instead of waiting for God to prove to me I was worthy of all His blessings, I challenged myself to prove to me I was not.

ONE QUESTION As much as I accepted the idea of God creating both the Worthy and the Unworthy, when challenged I couldn’t deliver a compelling argument to support it. I imagined God and I deep in conversation, He asking me why He would have created a segmented society in which some were to receive His unconditional and infinite love and blessings while others would be relegated to some basic-cable, entry-level version of Him.

I didn’t have a good answer then.

And I still don’t today.

It’s a great day to be you!

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