Somehow I Know This Makes God Smile

I’ll admit I’m not that good at praying. Unless you consider asking for things proper prayer etiquette.

For most of my life, praying was the equivalent of sitting on Santa’s lap and providing Him with a list of things I wanted. Some of my more advanced praying techniques included a negotiation of sorts with me telling God what I would do in exchange for me receiving what I was asking for.

Either way, the burden was on God to deliver.

These days, yes, I still want things. But I want something more meaningful than a new bike or the perfect career opportunity. It’s all about becoming more deeply connected to my Source.

My spiritual meanderings have finally brought me back home. I’ve come to realize, through trials and countless false starts, all I’ve ever really wanted is to be what I was created to be.

Quite a different prayer, which now shifts the burden away from God and onto me.

If I want to be more like God, I need to be more like God. If I want God’s peace, I need to be God’s peace. If I want God’s abundance, I need to be God’s abundance.

CO-CREATING Today’s conversations with God focus more on me realigning myself with the gift of my own divine perfection, a perfection we all share. The conversations aren’t about me asking for anything. The focus is on God and I working together to ensure His purpose for me becomes my destiny.

In your own life, are you stagnantly waiting for your prayers to be answered, waiting for how you think your life should be to finally show up at the front door? God knows I’ve done my share of waiting. But I’ve found a previously unknown tranquility shifting my intention away from what God can do for me to what God and I can create together.

Imagine what you and God could create together in your life.

It’s a great day to be you!

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