Sometimes God Just Needs To Lock You In The Closet

You often hear about God’s unconditional love and patience, but there are times when I look back on my life I would have understood if He would have just turned away, gave me the finger, and found something better to do with His time.

I’m sure many of the lessons I’ve needed to learn on my spiritual path would have taken far less time if not for me being blessed with an inquisitive, often spiritually untrusting mind. And I’ve come to see this as a blessing, while a younger version of me only saw it as a punishment, a frustrating curse.

The clues to what I’ve needed to learn on my journey have usually shown up gift wrapped in frustration and anger. Ever clever, it’s just God’s way of getting my attention.

SYNCHRONICITY Just like any good teacher, God has quite the collection of tools and techniques He’s developed over the years to teach us what we need to know. Sometimes a tweak is all that’s needed. Sometimes it’s an complete overhall.

Sometimes He just locks you in the closet.

My greatest breakthroughs have happened when God simply left me alone, while any earthly voices of comfort and support synchronistically fell silent. That’s when it’s just me and God and what I need to learn, alone in a windowless room.

At some point, God quietly leaves the room and closes the door. This is the moment when I am face-to-face with what it is I need to overcome. There is no running away from what must finally be confronted. In this darkness I find my cries for strength go unanswered, because God knows I am already strong enough. In that same darkness I ironically pray for light, but the divine light I seek already radiates within me.

EMPOWERED Within each of us resides God’s strength and light enabling us to overcome what needs to be overcome. God gave me all the tools I needed to move forward, but ultimately I am the one who needs to take the steps. Alone with the lesson I need to learn, I at first stumble in the uncertainty of the darkness. I gain confidence and faith in my footing with each step I take, eventually walking through the door, wiser, only to see God waiting for me on the other side.

God may have left the room, but He never left me alone.

It is in the silence of this involuntary seclusion where I am able to shift from the intellectual to the spiritual. Again empowered by my reconnection to my own sacred divinity, I am able to overcome what needs to be overcome, once again ready to move forward to more fully express God’s vision of my own creation.

I’ve come to appreciate moments of anger and frustration. They are indicators telling me there is something more I need to learn, something else to overcome. Sometimes that leads me back into the closet, but even if it does I know who is waiting for me on the other side of the door.

It’s a great day to be you!

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