We woke up to such a different world that day, didn’t we…

I remember the hugs that morning being a little longer, a little tighter. We found comfort in each other as we collectively embraced this new paradigm of uncertainty.

As the dust settled everything seemed suddenly fragile.

On a recent visit to a local glass museum I noticed a most exquisite piece of hand blown glass in the shape of a butterfly, artistically crafted in such beautiful detail.

A glass butterfly, life is. Beautiful, yet fragile.

So very fragile.

To fully respect the inherent nature of human fragility is to fully appreciate the gift of human life. For when we grasp our own temporal nature we acknowledge the preciousness of each moment, of each breath. It is only in this very moment that we can live, love and be loved. Future moments are never guaranteed.

Looking at life through a lense of fragility gives us the perspective that reframes everything.

We are all glass butterflies, beautiful yet temporary gifts to each other.

There is no better time to give the gift of you away to the world.

It’s a great day to be you.

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