So, How Great Could You Be?

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

— T. S. Eliot

Have you ever wondered how far you could go? How much you could accomplish?

Usually, the need to accomplish is a function of ego driven by competition. Many derive their own self worth and self esteem by measuring their accomplishments against what others have or have not achieved.

I am reflective in quiet moments contemplating Eliot’s words. How far could I actually go? What is actually possible for me to accomplish? In my contemplation, ego is absent. I am no longer concerned with achieving to impress either myself or the world. I am inspired by the possibility of fully living up to my most advanced self.

Each of us has been created and sent into this world with a unique combination of talents, gifts, and abilities. With these talents, gifts, and abilities comes the capacity for fully expressing such talents, gifts and abilities. Our greatest challenge and responsibility is maximizing our capacity to express ourselves fully…to live up to the greatness that lies within all of us.

ROADBLOCKS There are two things that will prevent us from living up to our capacity for greatness: attitude and complacency. Many people fail to recognize their own greatness and divinity. Some who do recognize their own greatness and divinity simply refuse to accept it. Why? Recognizing and accepting your divine nature comes with a huge amount of responsibility. Some, perhaps many, will question their worthiness to be in possession of divine greatness. Doubting your worthiness will ensure that your divine promise will never be fulfilled.

The second roadblock is complacency. At some point many of us reach cruising altitude. We’ve made it. Life is good. We are comfortable and once we are comfortable the goal is to maintain that level of comfort. As we search for ways to maintain our comfort, our life of unlimited abundance has become a life of settling. Your talents, gifts, and abilities, embedded within you and to be shared with the world will sadly never be fully realized.

ALL ARE WORTHY We are all here for a specific reason. We have all been given our unique combinations of talents, gifts and abilities which are the tools that we have been given to fulfill our reason and purpose for being here. The key word is ALL.  All of us are here and all of us have been given the tools that we possess. All equally worthy to house the talents, gifts and abilities that are uniquely ours. All leaves no one out. If one is worthy then all must be worthy. If we weren’t worthy of our talents, gifts, and abilities, why would we have been given these attributes in the first place?

With our talents, gifts and abilities comes a responsibility to fully develop them. To share them with the world. Much like the natural world. Apple trees, for example, never get complacent. They were created to fully develop and share their unique fruit with the world. And that’s exactly what it is that they do.  Apple trees never reach a cruising altitude nor do they shift their focus away from producing their fruit in favor of maintaining a certain comfort level. Apple trees were created for a certain purpose in this world.

Just like all of us were.

INDIVIDUAL PROMISE Living Half Full means embracing your own unique and sacred talents, gifts and abilities and sharing them with the world. We all have extremely important roles to play during our time here on this Earth. Only when we all live up to our own individual promise will our world be able to fulfill its own.

So, how far can you go? What’s holding you back?

Maximize your capacity to express yourself fully…to live up to the greatness that lies within you.

The world needs you to be great.

It’s a great day to be you!

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