Five Ways to Make Someone’s Day

Has anyone ever made your day?

Do you remember how it made you feel?

I had a great experience recently. It made my day. I received a message from someone in response to a comment I made on her blog post. She had eloquently written a piece that resonated with me at a very deep level. Her words prompted me share my honest appreciation for what she had written. Later, she sent me a warm reply which included these words: “you made my day”.


I was stunned. I made someone’s day? Me? How did that happen?

I don’t know if I’ve ever made anyone’s day before. If I did, no one ever told me that I did. But the funny thing about being told that you made someone’s day is that, in turn, it makes your day as well. I can still feel the physiological changes that instantly radiated within me. Four little words, a simple expression of thanks and gratitude, made me a better person that day.

A HIGHER LEVEL Whether we admit it or not, we all long to be appreciated. We all hope that others will recognize and acknowledge our contributions to the communities and tribes which we belong to. Recognition of our contributions inspires us to then contribute at an even higher level. We feel valued. We feel relevant.

When was the last time anyone took the time to tell you how much you’re appreciated?

The pace of life these days leaves little time to breathe, let alone time to stop even for a moment to thank someone for what it is they do. The faster the pace, the more we take and are taken for granted. But that doesn’t eliminate the human need to be appreciated.

RESPONSIBILITY The only way to build the better world that we all long for is by building better people. I fully accept the personal responsibility to encourage, inspire, and challenge all those within my individual community to reconnect with their own greatness. To rediscover and celebrate their own unique gifts and talents and to encourage them to share them with the world. To make sure that they know that they are appreciated.

To become their Day Maker!

Day Making is all about sincere appreciation. It’s about genuine gratitude. It’s not about getting something in return. There are countless ways to make someone’s day. Here are five ways to become a Day Maker to those within your circle.

  1. Say “Thank You” – Offer a true heartfelt thank you in recognition for the contributions that a person makes. It could be an employee, it could be a customer, it could be your child who helps clean the house once a week. Look this person square in the eye and tell them you appreciate all their efforts.
  2. Flowers for No Reason – There are times you give flowers out of obligation (anniversary, birthdays), and there are times you give flowers to say you’re sorry. The best time to give flowers is for no reason at all. Flowers, just because. I have brought small bouquets of freshly cut flowers home for no other reason than I thought my wife would like them. I have brought bouquets of flowers to my business customers for no reason other than out of appreciation for all that they do. The impact is huge!
  3. A Quick Phone Call – A simple phone call with the singular purpose of offering your appreciation of the recipient’s contributions. The key is to only chat about your appreciation. Don’t discuss anything else. Call back later if you wish to discuss anything else. The singular focus of your call will magnify the impact of your appreciation.
  4. Send a Personal Note – A hand written personal note is very rare these days, which makes them even more powerful. Some one in your office or organization goes above and beyond? Be sure to acknowledge their efforts with a note of appreciation. Your client refers you to a potential new customer? Be sure you make the effort to appreciate the efforts they made on your behalf. I love dropping notes into my kids’ lunch boxes, just to remind them how much I believe in them.
  5. Go Public – Great service, great work, even great grades present wonderful opportunities to become a Day Maker. After telling the server how great your dining experience was, why not take a few seconds and share your satisfaction with her supervisor? The landscaping crew does an exceptional job bringing your lawn back to life in the spring? Call the owner of the company and tell him how great his crew performed. And if your child comes home with a great report card or aces a difficult assignment, be sure the entire family knows the good news!

Think of the awesome power you have. You, through your words and actions of appreciation, will lift the recipients of your words and actions to new heights. The impact is immeasurable.

Living Half Full means being the Day Maker. It’s accepting the responsibility to build those around you, and the first step is based upon your genuine appreciation of all that they contribute and accomplish.

This is a leadership position that anyone can assume.

ACTION PLAN Each day find one opportunity to make someone’s day by expressing your genuine appreciation for what it is that they do.

Your family, your friends, your company, your community all need your leadership on this.

Become a Day Maker.

Can we count on you?

It’s a great day to be you!

5 thoughts on “Five Ways to Make Someone’s Day

  1. Peter,
    This is great! I love all of these and I think it’s great to purposefully set out to make someones day. It’s amazing how a short phone call to let someone know you’re thinking about them can turn the day around!
    Lovely thoughts. Thank you!


  2. Great post – and I do love being a day maker – mainly because I love when someone makes my day. Because I am from the South, the importance of a handwritten note has never been lost on me. My mother used to call them “bread & butter” notes because they were written first thing in the morning right after you buttered your bread for breakfast. When I received one, I am always knocked over because they are so rare. I love sending them too because they are a simple (dare I say unusual) way of showing appreciation.

    So glad I stopped by to read this!


  3. Peter. When I read this piece it really inspired me to make someone’s day just like that! I wrote to you and wanted to let you know that your article had made my day. Today you have again made my day for a second time in a row by taking the time to respond to my email! I am grateful and feel blessed to have exchanges with authentic and loving souls like yourself. Love. Himalaya


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