How a Baby Can Lead You Back to Your Greatness

I’m going to start acting more like a baby.

No, it’s not about strained peas. It’s about rediscovering something I have lost.

There is an absolutely magical time in a child’s life. It happens between the walking stage and talking stage, when they’re more mobile but have yet to become fully conversational. Before they learn the words “mine” and “no”. Babies at this stage possess such a joyful nature, a blissful innocence, so beautifully oblivious.

Here are five “baby-isms” that I have observed from my vantage point as a Dad:

  1. Resilient – The cool thing about babies is that they don’t stay down for long. They get back up. They sit back down on the same rocking horse that just threw them for a loop. A loss of balance is just no big deal. They don’t blame the horse. They just get back up.
  2. No Ego – Babies don’t worry about how playing in the sand box will make them look. Sand in the ear is just no big deal. Never a concern that the outfit they’re wearing is actually one that their big sister wore last year. Just enjoying the sandbox.
  3. Play Well with Others – Babies just seem to get along with others. No agenda. Nothing to prove. Just playing.
  4. Fascinated By Simple Things – I love the innocent curiosity that babies have. A real sense of awe and amazement of what we’d call the simple things. Give a baby a newspaper, or a clothes pin, and their curiosity takes over. An unquenchable sense of discovery.
  5. Always Present – Babies don’t worry about tomorrow. They don’t even know what tomorrow is. Have you ever seen a baby stressing over how many diapers are left in the travel bag? All babies know is now.

As I have gotten older I assumed I was also getting wiser. Yet I’m not as resilient as I used to be. I’ve let my ego convince me how important I am. I still play well with others…whom I know. My “wisdom” has successfully quenched my once-unquenchable sense of discovery and awe. And unlike babies, I spend far too much time thinking about tomorrow and yesterday…at the expense of being present.

YES YOU CAN Resilient. No ego. Plays well with others. An unquenchable sense of discovery and awe. Always present. Sounds like the person I wish I was.

But if I once was, why can’t I become again?

I can. You can. We all can.

Living Half Full is about returning to your authentic self. It is never too late to unlearn the learned behaviors that have lead us away from our natural organic selves. Getting back to your authentic self is simply one decision away. And you get to decide.

BABY STEPS Revisit the list of “baby-isms” listed above. Incorporate just one of these attributes into your life each day for the next five days, and you’ll begin returning home to the real you.

Full of hope, inspiration, and promise.

The perfect foundation on which to rediscover your inner greatness!

The world needs you to be great.

It’s a great day to be you!

One thought on “How a Baby Can Lead You Back to Your Greatness

  1. always be present….. that’s the one I struggle with, but, I know by struggling I am at least aware.
    thanks for this – I really like it. It’s all sooo true.

    one thing: can’t we be wise as well as all this?


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