Five Simple Ways to Create Greatness Today

I love random acts of kindness. Giving just because it is the right thing to do and expecting nothing back in return. So simple, yet one of the highest forms of love and compassion.

Attempting to take this to the next level, I like to practice what I call Un-Random Acts of Greatness! Un-random, in that yes, in fact, I did intend to spread the greatness virus today. And while kindness warms the heart; greatness ignites it!

In a prior post I proclaimed that living up to my own greatness was an obligation. I also feel I have a similar obligation to inspire others to live up to their own greatness as well.

So, here are five simple things you can do today to create greatness…Un-random Acts of Greatness!

  1. Eye Contact – Looking at someone when having a conversation is nothing more than respect. Respect, however, is this close to being placed on the Endangered Manners list. Looking another person in the eye shows you respect that person as you would respect yourself. Don’t be too busy to look up. When talking to the waitress, the cab driver, the maintenance man, co-workers, anyone…give them the dignity and respect that a fellow human being deserves. Dignity and respect are cornerstones of building a healthy self-image, which in turn is the cornerstone of greatness.
  2. Hold The Door Open – Another lost art. Extend what used to be a common courtesy. Another example of simply respecting another human.
  3. Phone a Friend – e-mails, tweets, texting, IM’s, DM’s. All great for communicating information. But they will never replicate the warmth of personal conversations. The sound of two voices in conversation will make this day better for the the both of you.
  4. Reward Great Service – Why do we allow bad news to travel further than good news? Had a great shopping/dining/service experience? Ask to see the manager. Let the manager know exactly how great your experience was. Recognition of great efforts will only yield greater efforts.
  5. Talk With A Child – Take just a few moments to chat about anything the child wants to. Listen. Listen closely. Here is your chance to cultivate the seeds of greatness already growing in the child. 

YOUR CHALLENGE There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to create greatness today. I’d love for you to share your ideas for creating greatness. You send them, I’ll post them. 

Living Half Full is all about maximizing our collective greatness. It’s about building better people, who will build a better world!

Let’s build the best world possible!

It’s a great day to be you!

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