Paradigm Shift: Taking A Low Tide View of Your Life

Sometimes just looking at nothing a little differently turns the nothing into something.

I was standing on a Cape Cod beach just after sunset. Something I have done quite often, usually at this particular beach. What was different this time was that it was low tide. The same beach I had visited many times before now looked dramatically different. All that was earlier in the day covered with sea water now lay innocently exposed.

Tides are fascinating. A slight tilt of the Earth changes the view completely, revealing all that is there just under the surface. Rocks, sand bars, an entire ecosystem…all revealed to me because of a subtle tilting of the Earth. Amazing what exists just under the surface.

Standing there on the sand, I wondered what would I see if I was able to look just under the surface of my own life. What would I see if I could somehow experience a low tide view of me?

Let’s face it. Our society is far more concerned with what is on the surface than what’s underneath. It’s the facade that we worry about, not the foundation. But, thankfully, at some point ego is out-muscled by maturity. Eventually, we’ll grow to the point where we’ll shift our focus away from the facades and on to the foundation, finally paying more attention to the product than the box it came in.

ECOSYSTEM OF ABUNDANCE Under the surface of our lives amazing things are happening. Even when we don’t take the time to notice. Living Half Full means finding the time to notice. Finding the time to appreciate this incredible thing called your life. Look underneath and you’ll see your real self…you’ll see your beauty, your talents, and your unlimited capacity for greatness, all a part of your own ecosystem of abundance. These are things we simply forget about ourselves in the vastly superficial world in which we live in.

True greatness and happiness can only be built on a foundation of appreciation and amazement of what lies just below the surface of your life.

Change your view.

Take time to look.

It’s amazing.

It’s a great day to be you!

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