Paradigm Shift: Taking A Low Tide View of Your Life

Sometimes just looking at nothing a little differently turns the nothing into something.

I was standing on a Cape Cod beach just after sunset. Something I have done quite often, usually at this particular beach. What was different this time was that it was low tide. The same beach I had visited many times before now looked dramatically different. All that was earlier in the day covered with sea water now lay innocently exposed.

Tides are fascinating. A slight tilt of the Earth changes the view completely, revealing all that is there just under the surface. Rocks, sand bars, an entire ecosystem…all revealed to me because of a subtle tilting of the Earth. Amazing what exists just under the surface.

Standing there on the sand, I wondered what would I see if I was able to look just under the surface of my own life. What would I see if I could somehow experience a low tide view of me?

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