Cruising Altitude…and the White Knuckle Ride

“Feel free to move about the cabin…the captain has turned off the seat belt sign…”

Cruising altitude.  That point in the flight where you’ve risen above the turbulence and the clouds. Time to sit back and enjoy the ride. Ease the seat back and grab a $4 beer. Or two. No worries, mate. It’s all good.

It wasn’t that long ago that life sort of worked that way. You’d get to a certain point in life where you could finally just sit back and enjoy the ride. Career stable, home life stable. Blue skies ahead. There was a calming and reassuring predictability to life.  

Cruising altitude. 

Lately, the captain has called us back to our seats and told us to buckle up. Return your seats to the upright position. You start trying to remember exactly what the stewardess was saying during the preflight instructions that were ignored while you were reading the magazine you just bought in the terminal. Air masks? Floatation devices? Suddenly the calming and reassuring predictability is anything but. The wandering mind is really of no help to you right now.

We are all facing new realities that are uncomfortably uncertain. In the face of these new realities, fortunately, there is someone you can count on that is both calming and reassuringly predictable.


Most times in life we have a choice to make when adversity shows up to the dance. We get to decide how we respond. We will either embrace our greatness or be trampled by the weight of the situation.  

Living Half Full means embracing your greatness. It is not denying that the new realities exist; rather, it is denying the new realities the power to adversely shape your response to them. Many times in my own life I’ve given adversity the upper hand and let the weight of the situation enslave me. It’s always when I forget my own innate greatness and divinity that I get myself into this type of trouble. 

TRUST THE SPIRIT Living Half Full is becoming your own rock. It’s being able to count on yourself, no matter what.  It’s respecting yourself and trusting that the spirit within will guide and shape your Living Half Full response to any situation.  It’s reclaiming the paradigm that only you have the real power in shaping the way you respond to the turbulence of life. 

You are stronger than you know yourself to be. We all are.

That in itself is both calming and reassuringly predictable.

It’s a great day to be you!

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