Guitars, Drums, and Trusting Yourself

“Forever trust in who we are, and nothing else matters…”

In the world of inspirational and positive affirmation quotations, we are used to the words of Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Norman Vincent Peale, and others. One of my favorite inspirational quotes, however, comes from the duo of James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.  Hetfield and Ulrich are better known by their day jobs as lead vocalist and drummer, respectively, of the band Metallica. The above quote is from their 1991 song “Nothing Else Matters”.

Trust is a funny thing.  As kids we learn to trust our parents.  We learn to trust our siblings. We learn to trust our friends.  But at what point do we learn to trust ourselves?

The road to trusting ourselves is sometimes treacherous. Especially if a troll named Insecurity jumps out from behind a tree.  Insecurity is the arch enemy of self trust.

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“Have an Adequate Day!”

Maybe it’s me.  Perhaps I send out some sort of signal, some sort of message to those I come in contact with that lets them know that I settle for mediocrity and have low expectations.  Maybe people just don’t think I’m capable of having a great day.  Because they always only tell me to have a good day.

These people who talk to me each day are talking to you, too.  You see them at the drive-thru when you get your morning coffee.  Or when you pick up your dry cleaning.  The waiter at lunch.  Even when you’re buying new shoes.

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