What if we were to see ourselves the same way God sees us?

God has a lot of big ideas. And each of us is one of them. Each of us intentionally created in our own unique way. It’s the uniqueness of our individual talents, gifts, and abilities that we are here to develop and share with the world. Little pieces of God’s biggest idea.

God doesn’t just create things for the sake of creating them. Honestly, I don’t think He needs the practice. In a world of divine intention, there are no accidents. All of nature and all of humanity are here for very specific purposes.

The intention of creation is full expression. The idea becomes reality. That is what nature does. Trees grow as tall as they are supposed to. Trees don’t question their worthiness nor do they compare themselves to other trees and decide they aren’t good enough and decide to play small. They just grow, fully evolve, fully expressing the intention of their creation.

For us humans, the full expression of our own creation often gets a bit complicated.

Becoming all we were intended to become certainly has its challenges. Perhaps the greatest challenge is actually figuring out exactly what it is we were created for. Our physical birth is never accompanied by a laminated 3″x5″ index card detailing our exact reason for being here.

In addition to not knowing, we are also impacted by thoughts which prevent us from fully expanding, fully evolving into what we were created to become. Thoughts of doubt and unworthiness make us question our own value. Our personal insecurities fuel comparisons to others, often causing us to further question our value. Or perhaps adverse life experiences temper our outlook on life, shifting us away from abundance and expansion and into scarcity and contraction, playing small to play it safe.

Makes it difficult to contemplate the expression of your own creation when you wonder why you were even created in the first place, doesn’t it?

But God has a lot of big ideas. And each of us is one of them.

The good news? The same mind which can prevent us from seeing even the possibility of our own divine purpose can also allow us to see ourselves the same way God sees us. It gets back to understanding that God doesn’t create things for the sake of creating them. There are no spare parts. There are no spectators. All are here intentionally and equipped with a unique purpose contained within the talents, gifts, and abilities which passionately swirl within each one of us.

That includes you.

Unlike trees and nature, the full expression of our creation requires us to decide to express it. Without our active participation we will never become all we were created to become. The big idea that is each of us will remain just that. A big idea.

The real question to contemplate: How much of you are you willing to leave undone?

You matter.

You have purpose.

And we all need what only you can bring to this world.

It’s a great day to be you!

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