The young boy at the carnival looked confused. He was expecting his prize at the end of the ring toss game. But the prize was not forthcoming. Though unsuccessful in his attempt, he was told there’s a winner every time. Perplexed, the boy confronted the game operator. The unscrupulous response: “Yes, kid, there is a winner every time…and most of the time it’s me.”

Winning is an outcome, a result. Some days the results go our way and some days they don’t. Regardless of the result, an outcome has been determined and a winner has been crowned.

Life is full of outcomes, and while we focus on the larger wins and losses in life, one area which produces thousands of outcomes each day and so greatly impacts us is so often overlooked:

Our thoughts.

Every thought we have produces an outcome. The thoughts we have each day either work for us or work against us…help us or hurt us. Thoughts habitually reinforce the mindset of the expectations and truths we have established for our own self.

Thoughts do produce a winner every time. When our thoughts uplift us or inspire us, we are the winner. When our thoughts encourage us to move forward and trust we will find our way, we are the winner. When our thoughts are aligned with the divine love from which we emanated, once again we are the winner.

The best thing about our thoughts? They can always be changed. So if your thoughts have been working against you, reminding you of your perceived shortcomings, imperfections, and unworthiness, negativity and fear are the winners. The good news is those negative thoughts can always be changed whenever you want to change them. How you choose to see the world and your place in it is, in fact, a choice.

Your choice.

So, what are you thinking, especially when things don’t go your way? Are your thoughts lifting your up or holding you down?

Yes, there’s a winner every time.

Shouldn’t that winner be you?

It’s a great day to be you!

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