There is something quite beautiful about feeling the need to punch a hole in the wall. Or in returning the favor when another driver flips me off on the way to work.

Anger and aggravation are wonderful blessings. Because they are two emotions which tell me how well I am handling the world when the world isn’t living up to my expectations of it. If my best response in the moment is the desire to put my fist through a 1/2-inch of drywall, I am no longer in control of my emotions. My emotions are in control of me.

The world can provide us with unlimited opportunities to become angry and aggravated. If we let it. But negative and hostile reactions tell me I need to stop and analyze why I feel the need to respond in such a manner.

Quite often there is nothing wrong with the world. What’s wrong is my ability to handle it.

Anger and aggravation tell me I’m not at peace with myself. Darkness has overtaken my light. I’m allowing situations to suck me into some sort of hostility vortex where I meet negativity head on with an amplified negativity of my own.

I’m better than that.

And so are you.

Any moment allows us the opportunity to rise above it. And for me to do so I need to reconnect with my own inherent divine nature. When my light overtakes my darkness I am able to craft a much more peaceful response to most anything.

Far better than patching holes in the wall.

Rise above it.

Because that’s where the peace is.

It’s a great day to be you!

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