Perhaps you’re trapped in a toxic relationship?

With yourself?

Lately I’ve been doing a great deal of listening to the voices in my head. Voices, as in the thoughts which keep all of us company each day. It’s amazing how much noise there is in your head when you can stop and listen. So many thoughts shooting off in so many different directions, sort of like exploding kernels pinging the side of the pot when popping corn on the stove top.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is life is all about the quality of your responses to the situations and events you encounter in life. What I’ve been listening for are my instinctive thoughts when situations don’t turn out exactly as I had planned. In the face of disappointment, what is it I’m going to tell myself?

The answer is always based upon what I’ve been telling myself for most of my life.

Habitual thoughts raise their voices. It’s just what they do. And when they do they reinforce the expectations we’ve unconsciously established for ourselves.

It’s all about what you are expecting in life.

We all know people who expect negative outcomes in their lives and are genuinely surprised when the positive stuff show up in their world. But we also know of those who enjoy success and happiness living in the same physical world as those who don’t.

AIN’T NO SURPRISE Most successful people are never surprised when then become successful. They start out expecting to be. The voices in their heads reinforce their expectations just like anyone else. But theirs is a voice aligned with their highest self, faithful in their understanding of the unlimited abundance available to all, which by definition would have to include them as well. Their expectations differentiate their responses from those inclined to see the world as one of scarcity and lack, reserving abundance, prosperity, and happiness for a selected few.

Many of the negative people I’ve encountered in my life don’t know they are negative. How they are is how they’ve always been and will probably always be that way. Their voices see successful, happy people as “lucky” while they often remind themselves of their unknowingly-self-imposed secondary status, their habitual response certainly reinforcing their misguided belief.

EXPERIENCE & EXPECTATION The voices in our heads think they are protecting us. It’s their job to keep us on the path we’ve unconsciously charted for ourselves, positive or negative. They say only what we’ve conditioned them to say. Our experiences greatly shape our expectations, but our experiences are greatly shaped by our expectations of the world and what we think is possible for our self. When we align our expectations with the truth of our own divine creation we will allow ourselves to see success, peace and happiness are available to all, which means they are available to you as well.

Over the years I’ve gotten quite good at monitoring those subtle yet powerful voices in my head. My emotions are the clues. If I am disappointed, tense, angry, or doubtful, I’ll tune in to listen to the chatter. If my response perpetuates the negativity, I know I need to again realign my expectations with my highest self, the self all of us were created to be. Once realigned, the voices will again work to reinforce that image of my highest self.

From there all things are possible.

One hell of an expectation, isn’t it?

It’s a great day to be you!

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