No Thanks, God, I Don’t Want Your Pony

Sometimes receiving is really nothing more than giving.

I’ve had issues with receiving. Maybe because growing up there wasn’t much to receive. Maybe that fostered the feelings of unworthiness which destined me to be more of a giver than a receiver.

Age has brought with it enough worldly success where I’ve been able to purchase the things I’ve wanted to purchase when I’ve wanted to purchase them. Trust me, nothing extravigant. But it felt more comfortable buying the book or CD for myself than receiving it as a gift.

When Father’s Day or my birthday rolled around, I simply and politely told the wife and kids I really didn’t want any presents. I already have what I need. No need to make a fuss or to spend your money on me. I was content with what I already had, and I’d gotten to a point where material things really weren’t that important to me.

LOVE & GRATITUDE While noble in my intentions of teaching my children of how unimportant material things really are, I can’t help but think my actions were undermining my intentions to teach them one of life’s most valuable lessons.

Life is a celebration.

Underneath what we may call mundane and ordinary, life is to be celebrated. I know I play a very important role in the lives of my kids. But I now feel that my saying “no, thank you” to their request to celebrate the important days of my life shows them that perhaps life isn’t really a celebration after all.

In denying a willingness to receive, I was denying my kids a chance to joyously express their love and gratitude toward someone as important as I am in their lives.

Expressing love and gratitude is something I never want to see them suppress.

RECEIVING THE LOVE I’d been treating God the same way I’d been treating my kids. God wants to celebrate all the days of my life, and shower me with the most amazing gifts. Gifts in the form of all the talents, gifts, and abilities I have been given. “Thanks, God, but it’s really no big deal,” had been my response. “No need to make a fuss.”

The wiser version of me has become quite comfortable in my role as a receiver. I’ve become fuss-worthy, with both my kids and God. I know how important it is to let those who love you shower you with their love. It’s all a part of a circular celebration, to love and to be loved.

Love and gratitude are to be expressed, never repressed, and I’m no longer getting in the way.

So now, it’s a big deal. Birthdays, Father’s Day, and all the days of our lives. Any material gifts are secondary to the greatest gift of all…


Let those who love you love you.

It’s a great day to be you!

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