Sometimes It’s Just Easier To Keep Punching Yourself In The Head

Logically, it makes perfect sense. If it’s broken then fix it.

But sometimes logic isn’t that easy, especially if what is broken is you.

Yes, we are creatures of habits, both good and bad. Habits are old friends who can unintentionally define you, often imperfect but comfortably familiar.

Changing a habit is a big idea requiring a big first step. That big first step is to commit to the change, to allow yourself to move beyond what you know is holding you back.

It’s sounds like a lot of work. Unfamiliar work. Unfamiliar is fraught with uncertainty, and it’s in this uncertainty where the best intentions simply remain intentions, added to the list of things often talked about but never brought to life.

Sometimes it’s just easier to keep punching yourself in the head. Sometimes it’s just more comfortable to accept your own delusional self-imposed self-limitations than to do anything about them.

What holds us back is what always hold us back. It’s the usual habitual suspects; doubt, fear, and unworthiness. Not much good happens if you don’t think it could happen and you’re afraid what would happen if it did and if it did happen you wouldn’t think you deserved it.

The longer we buy into any idea, the more we come to accept it as truth. The idea hardens and solidifies into our reality. It works for doubt, fear, and unworthiness.

The good news is it also works for love, abundance, and happiness.

What would happen if we embraced different ideas, the ideas which empower and uplift, ideas which reconnect us to our own divine perfection? What if we bought into the Truth of our unlimited and expansive nature? What if we bought into the Truth in which we are all worthy in the eyes of our Creator?

We’re where we are because we’ve thought ourselves here. Where we go from here has a great deal to do with where we expect to be. The very process which got us where we are is the same process which can take us to where we want to be.

Your thoughts can hold you up or hold you back.

What are you thinking?

It’s a great day to be you!

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