It’s All About Moving Forward

Go ahead. Grab the books off the book shelf in your living room. And the ones on your nightstand. And the ones in the bathroom, too.

It’s time to burn the books.

Don’t get me wrong. I love books. Sometimes I think I love them too much. I like non-fiction books that tell me how to do things. Things like building a deck, using my crock pot, or finding Jesus.

Not surprisingly, in a book store you’ll usually find me in the personal development section, scanning through the inspirational, self-improvement, motivational, and self-actualization material. I always find new ways to look at old issues while browsing through these books. New theories, tactics and strategies. The wheel, reinvented yet again.

But there is only one problem with all these personal transformation books. 

They don’t work.

To be fair to the authors, it’s not their fault. Their job is to gather information on their subject of choice and present their findings to the world. The information contained in their books has the power to potentially change the world.


YOU GOTTA MOVE With an unlimited supply of information, today we have our greatest opportunity to become all that we were created to become. Yet, even though we have all this access to such life-changing information, so many still never rise up to the level of greatness that lies within them.


The old adage that knowledge is power is flawed. What makes knowledge powerful is determined by what you do with it. Knowledge is useless if you decide to do nothing with it, especially when it pertains to areas of your life you’d like to improve.

Knowledge can’t move you until you decide to move.

With such easy access to information, sometimes we prefer to gather more information than to move forward with the information that we already have. Our ability to become more knowledgeable can become the perfect justification (excuse) as to why we’re still standing in the exact same place we were standing in yesterday. And the day before that.


WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This is exactly what happened to me on the road to my own personal transformation. I was quite good gathering more information to the point where it became a predictable distraction. A crutch, of sorts. Easier than stepping off the curb.

But nothing changed within me until I began moving forward with the knowledge I had already gathered.

Knowledge in action is transformational.

You will never know it all, but don’t let that stop you. You already know more than enough to begin moving forward on the journey to becoming all that you were created to become.

It’s all about moving forward.

What are you waiting for?

It’s a great day to be you!

photo: john sullivan

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