How Much of You Will Be Thrown Into The Great Dumpster in the Sky?

I imagine the story would go something like this:

It’s Judgment Day. You have a final interview with God, at which time you need to turn back in any of your unused potential. Any excess capacity that was never utilized. Any unused gifts that were bestowed upon you but simply never used. And I can see God cringe every time he asks to see what’s been left unused. He knows the answer already. Not just because He’s God, but because He knows that the vast majority simply never  live up to the greatness they were designed to achieve. God simply shakes his head as he throws the unused potential into the big rusty steel dumpster behind him.

Of your capacity for greatness, how much will you throw away? How much will go unused and wasted and end up in the Great Dumpster in the Sky? We all possess an amazing capacity for greatness, more so than I think we can fully comprehend. Yet somehow we never seem to realize our own fullest potential. Somehow we convince ourselves that we are not worthy of our own innate greatness and we live our lives accordingly.

ABUNDANT BY DESIGN Living Half Full means embracing your own greatness in service to yourself and to others. It means taking your unique gifts and building a passionate abundant life, the kind of life we all were designed to live. It means leaving nothing to throw into the Great Dumpster in the Sky when this life has reached it’s end.

You are here for a reason, and that reason is supported by all the unique gifts and talents you possess. The challenge is living up to your own greatness.

Leave nothing behind.

It’s a great day to be you!

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