It would be so much easier if my keys could speak. This way when I go looking for them in the morning they could tell me where they are.

“Hey, upstairs on the night table.” “On your desk under the utility bills”.

Yes, searching for things would be much easier if the things we were looking for told us exactly where to look. But even if they did, we’d still have to listen.

One of the more common items we collective search for is peace. Inner peace. Yet even though inner peace tells us exactly where it’s located, we often look everywhere else but inside in hopes of finding it.

My personal journey searching for my peace took me in many different external directions. It was a path of attainment and accomplishment. Of setting goals which certainly would get me the ever elusive peace I was looking for once my target had been reached. Of arbitrary outcomes, of material aspirations, of trying to fit in to the consumerist version of what we have been told peace is supposed to look like.

Looking outside for what can only be found inside is forever futile.

It’s called inner peace for a reason.

Photo by Farrel Nobel on Unsplash

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