In the name of science, take two beers from the same six pack. Place one on the counter and the other in the refrigerator. Return in 60 minutes and you’ll find the temperature of both beers have been greatly influenced by the environment in which they’ve been immersed in over the past hour.

Hardly ground-breaking, Nobel-quality science when you prove the obvious. But the obvious outcome is something which may not be obvious when looking at the emotional and psychological influence our environment has upon our lives.

The basic principles of equilibrium empowers the dominant temperature of any environment to extend it’s influence over that which is makes up it’s environment. This holds true for temperature, but in human terms it also holds true for environments filled with negativity, stress, uncertainty, and doubt. Left unchecked, we can unwittingly allow any dominant negative energies around us to influence far more of our lives than we ever realize.

SHAPING DESTINY Beer doesn’t have a choice. It’s temperature destiny is always determined by it’s surroundings. But a great many of us have allowed environments filled with negativity and doubt to extend their influence over us, shaping how we choose to see ourselves and limiting what we believe to be possible for us. Our destiny is not shaped by the environment around us; our destiny is shaped by what we decide to do in that very environment, even if we decide to do nothing at all.

We can’t always change the conditions surrounding us. But perhaps that’s just a part of God’s plan. Quite often any perceived negative conditions we find ourselves in are there for us to learn how to overcome them, even if overcoming them is nothing more than learning to change the way we think about them. The Universe has it’s own way of teaching us exactly what we need to know.

FREE TO FLOURISH One of our greatest personal freedoms is our ability to decide how we see our environment and the current situation we find ourselves in. We are free to flourish by embracing our greatest possibilities. We are also free to craft well-rationalized excuses in our accepting of our personal limitations which we blame squarely upon the people, events, and circumstances surrounding us.

We are all free to determine our own truth.

Our truth is our destiny.

It’s a great day to be you!

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