The Marketing Genius of Satanic Ventriloquism

He’s been called the Prince of Darkness, even the Antichrist.

But a marketing genius?

Growing up, my religious education included many discussions about Satan, but never once did “marketing genius” come up in the conversation. But Satan has a business to run, and marketing is a critical part of his business plan.

From a marketing perspective, Satan has a very difficult product to sell. How do you sell people on the idea of never living up to their own greatness, of never becoming all they were created to be?

PURE GENIUS The Satanic marketing strategy is brilliantly built on a platform of doubt. The goal is to convince you that you just aren’t good enough or worthy enough to receive the blessings inherent to your own creation. It is a powerful strategy, but the real genius is Satan’s choice for the spokesperson for his marketing campaign.


Logically, if we ever saw a guy in a red suit with horns, a tail, and a pitchfork surrounded by flames we’d turn and run in the other direction. No matter his message, we just wouldn’t stick around long enough to hear it. But Satan’s wisdom is to instead use a voice we always trust and believe to deliver the destructive messages of doubt. Our own. Satan is a demonic ventriloquist, subtly using our own voice to whispers his message of inadequacy and doubt into our ears. Pure genius.

The next time you hear those limiting voices in your head pay close attention to the voice. The voice you’ll hear is your own, reminding you of your shortcomings, gently reinforcing the doubt.

COUNTLESS BLESSINGS I’ve come to respect the Satanic forces in this world, much like I respect anything that has the ability to bring me to my knees. What I respect more, though, is the divine truth of the voice of God, also whispering in my ear and reminding me of the perfection of my own creation, a perfection we all share. And within that perfection I’ve come to respect the magnificence of life, my life, and the countless blessings which abundantly infuse my world.

From this paradigm, the voices in my head can only say “thank you”.

I guess it’s all about the voice you choose to listen to.

It’s a great day to be you!

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