The Space Between

If I could only live my life in slow motion.

Life is a series of responses and reactions, and the quality of the responses and reactions determines what happens next.  There is a space – a moment – between what just happened and how I deal with what just happened.  Sometimes I am proud of my response, sometimes I’m rather embarrassed.  The responses, good or bad, just seem to come out of me automatically, the classic stimulus – response scenario.  When I suddenly become a mature adult again half way through an overreactive ballistic tirade and realize what I am actually doing, I wish life would grant me a mulligan and I could relive the whole event all over again, this time producing a more favorable response.

If only I could hit the slo-mo button and buy myself just a microsecond to evaluate my response before I opened my mouth.  To play things out before I react.  I’d make much better decisions; I think we’d all agree that we, too, would all make better decisions.   Knowing that the “slo-mo” option just doesn’t exist, the focus needs to shift to why I can respond to the same situation in two very different ways.  The blue Ford cuts me off one day and I barely even notice, and the next day I’m prepared to hunt this guy down.  The only variable in this equation is me.  Within me, the only variable is my attitude and outlook at that particular moment.

BETTER DECISIONS When I am Living Half Full, my decisions are remarkably better.  In fact, I don’t even need to evaluate the quality of my decisions.  Living Half Full allows me to focus on the bigger things, such as my purpose, and my true greatness in a world of abundance and infinite opportunity.  The fundamental shift is life changing; in the first scenario a single stimulus produced two diametrically opposing responses, while in the Living Half Full scenario opposing stimuli produced a singular positive response.

The Living Half Full paradigm is far too strong and powerful to let a blue Ford or a glass of spilled orange juice impact the quality of my life.  When viewing life with appreciation and gratitude for all you have, and understanding all of the greatness you have to offer to the world, the world simply can’t bring you down.  It’s always when I forget who and what I truly am that the quality of my decisions – and, therefore, my life – suffer.

Remember your greatness. Treasure your magnificence. Be humbled with appreciation and gratitude.

It’s a great day to be you!

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