What’s The Point of Dreaming If You’re Never Going To Let Your Dreams Come True?

Will our potential ever be anything more than something we’ve failed to live up to?

Thankfully, that’s up to us.

My Honda can go 160 miles per hour. That’s it’s potential, according to the speedometer. For various common sense reasons my car has never reached 160 MPH. Not even close, actually.

Something about a speed limit.

There are a lot of limitations placed on driving. Signs tell us how fast we can go, which lanes we can drive in. Enter Here. Do Not Enter. One Way. A lot of restrictions placed upon our desire to get where we are going.

I understand the need to regulate the rules of the road. (Ever drive in Massachusetts?) For the common good I can appreciate all the limitations and restrictions placed upon us.

But what about the limitations and restrictions we place upon ourselves?

INNER GREATNESS None of us have a built-in gauge that can graphically show us what our own potential is. Perhaps if we did we would be reminded on a regular basis of just how much potential we all have within us. Potential to bring to life all the greatness that resides within every one of us.

Unfortunately, the highways of our lives are often littered with signs that can restrict and limit us. But these signs are not anchored in the ground by the side of the road. They are anchored in our psyche, in our belief system. These are the signs that say “Not Worthy”, “Not Good Enough”, “Not Smart Enough.” “Fear & Doubt Ahead.”

I’d like to know how these signs got there.

Oh, yeah. We’re the ones that put them up.

Somehow over time we’ve turned the fleeting idea that we are limited into cold hard fact. We’ve empowered the voices of doubt and uncertainty and have allowed them to prevent us from living up to our fullest potential. Sugar in the gas tank. Now we’re going nowhere.

MOVING FORWARD Our immediate world is full of well-intentioned voices telling us to not even try. To play it safe. That dreaming has no place in the “real” world. These voices are from those who themselves have never tried, who have always played it safe, who don’t want you to feel the same pain that they feel. The pain that comes from not realizing your dreams. For if you never acknowledge your dreams, you never have to worry about them never coming true.

Dreaming is a waste of time if we never give our dreams a chance to come true.

We are all here to fulfill a divine purpose. We’ve all been given a tool box full of talents, gifts and abilities…everything we need to become all we were created to become. The dreams inside of us are there because we’re the only ones who can make them come true.

Don’t be the one standing in your own way. Silence the voices of doubt by simply moving forward. It all begins with one small step forward. Your dreams are far too important to be left unrealized.

We are only limited if we allow ourselves to be limited.

The world needs your greatness.

That’s why you’re here.

Can we count on you?

It’s a great day to be you!


2 thoughts on “What’s The Point of Dreaming If You’re Never Going To Let Your Dreams Come True?

  1. So true. Many don’t realize their own greatness as they are overcome with what they don’t have, can’t do and don’t see.

    Their potential is truly limitless…unlike your honda 🙂

    Keep inspiring, keep reminding!!



    1. Thanks Marie. Just imagine if we all fully accepted our own unlimited potential. I don’t know of anyone who has ever outlived their own potential!


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